Wednesday, December 12, 2007

O' Tim's ABCs of something completely different

Joe has made this impossible for me, so I am going to go with painful counter intuition on my ABCs:

1. Anthrax
2. Beastie Boys
3. Chicago
4. Daughtry
5. Everclear
6. Fugasi
7. Notorius B. I. G.
8. Hagfest (amazing what you can find with Google)
9. Illiterate Puppy (sounds bad to me)
10. J. Lo (okay, not rock, but still painful - NRBSP)
11. Korn
12. Loverboy
13. Megadeath
14. Nickelback
15. Ozzy Osbourn
16. Linkin Park
17. Queensryche
18. Lee Ann Rimes (NRBSP)
19. Slipknot
20. T-Pain (NRBSP)
22. Jon Bon JoVi
23. Lil Wayne (NRBSP)
24. XCon4God (another Google winner!)
25. Yngwe Malmsteen
26. SwiZZ BeatZ (NRBSP - I’d fall asleep but for the fucking subwoofer)

BONUS: I simply have to throw in .38 Special for a “number” band.


Natsthename said...

Ok, so I agree with most of I do have a thing for early Chicago, before they went all ballady and sappy. Their first 3 or 5 albums ROCKED.

And I like one one Queensryche, that being Silent Lucidity.

Joe the Troll said...

Lotsa cheatin' here, Nat. Plenty. I'd say he should have to do it over, if not for the fact that I'm skipping that silly iPod one entirely.

O' Tim said...

Hey, Jack, I got no iPod either. What I'se got is RealPlayer and MP3 copies of every CD I've ever stuck in my computer. It has a convenient "shuffle" feature, ya know. So don't be such a stick in the mud - throw spitballs at at your collection or something. NIKE ! !