Monday, July 30, 2007

Manic Monday

What's new this week, the end of July already!

18 Greatest - John Lee Hooker
18 Greatest - B.B. King - must be a series by the label Direct Source

18 Greatest - Glen Campbell
Best Of Freddy Fender - Freddy Fender
Best of Merle Haggard - Merle Haggard
Best Of George Jones - George Jones
Best Of Jim Reeves - Jim Reeves
Best Of B.J. Thomas - B.J. Thomas - These are also from Direct Source

Tribe - Luka Bloom

Idlewild South - The Allman Brothers Band - reissue of a great recording
18 Greatest - Chuck Berry
Swears - Casual Lean
Made In Europe - Deep Purple - remaster
Under The Influence of Buck - The Derailers
Blue Velocity - The Chris Duarte Group
Nervous Nights And Satellites - The Hooters
Dirty Laundry - Ian Hunter
Untitled - Korn
18 Greatest - Jerry Lee Lewis
18 Greatest - Little Richard
Live On The Sunset Strip - The Raspberries
Country Mouse City House - Josh Rouse - Wow, check those rhymes!

Josh Rouse - Hollywood Bass Player
Have a listen!

One Girl Revolution - Saving Jane
Al Stewart - a whole bunch of reissues
Sincerely/Twilley Don't Mind - Dwight Twilley - Power pop classics!
Strange Pleasure/Out There - Jimmy Vaughan - Stevie Ray's big bro has reissues


Joe the Troll said...

Fez Monkey has a perfect photo for the cover of that Glen Campbell disc! :-)

Glad to see Ian Hunter still producing. Garage rock doesn't get any rougher than that. I just got a recent show of his, too, but I've only listened to that one song that everyone thinks that OTHER band did. You know he one that incinerates thier audience.

O' Tim said...

Joe - ???

No shit, The Hooters?

I remember wearing out the grooves of Deep Purple's Made In Japan when I was in eighth grade. Mom simply LOVED that album!

Joe the Troll said...

O'Tim- Once Bitten, Twice Shy, covered by Great White.

The Ian Hunter show was from about a month ago, so it probably has some of the new album o it.

Natsthename said...

The Hooters is a reissue, too.

I can't believe Ian Hunter is 60+ years old. Geez.