Thursday, November 8, 2007

Trivia Quiz - Names

The standing rule: No Googling!

Who is the artist referring to in the song? (Give me the artist/song title, people!) No, these are not the exact lyrics, since what fun would that be? (and none of these are super-obscure songs, ok?)

1. She should wake up, since he's got something to say to her. It's late September and he should be back at school, you know.

2. She made a food (CORRECTION, the word is FOOL) of everyone. She broke the rules, but the world was just waiting for her.

3. This bloated hairy thing winnin' a grammy must not get back together with Glenn Frey.

4. This guy had a hard run, runnin' from her window, and he's on his bended knees asking her not to come around anymore.

5. She need not put out the red light or sell her body to the night.

6. This country boy never learned to read and write so well, but he could play guitar.

7. All he wants to do when he wakes up in the morning is see her eyes.

8. Her phone number was 867-5309.

9. He's crawling up my wall, black and hairy, very small.

10. He looks at the night, and it don't seem so lonely. How can he hurt when he's holding you?

The More Difficult BONUS question:

11. She feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China.


Miz UV said...

1. Rod Stewart/Maggie Mae
2. Food? What? That dopey chef with the cheating hubby?
3. ~gasp~ You can't mean Don Henley?
4. Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks?
5. Sting/Roxanne
6. ?
7. Toto/Rosanna
8. Tommy Tutone/Jenny
9. Any mommy/Itsy Bitsy Spider
10. Neil Diamond/Sweet Caroline
11. Van Morrison/Tupelo Honey

Natsthename said...

You've got 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 10! Way to go, Miz UV!

Natsthename said...

And yes, it's Don Henley, but the song is....

Don Henley Must Die by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper.

Miz UV said...

LOL! Yer mean. I heart Don Henley.

Jefe said...

2. Sexy Sadie (Beatles)
6. Johnny B. Good (Chuck Berry)
9. Boris the Spider (The Who)
11. Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)

Natsthename said...

That's all of them!!! WTG, Jefe!

Hey, I didn't write that song, Miz, but I think it is hilarious!

Joe the Troll said...

It's not ALL of them -

4- Bertha, Grateful Dead

Natsthename said...

OOPS!!! Sorry, you are correct, Trolldude. It is, indeed, Bertha who needn't come around anymore. ANd now I have the urge to hear that song in its entirety!

Eden said...

I never get to these in time ;)

Jefe said...

I had absolutely no idea what #4 was, and now I know why: I know little to nothing about the Dead's music. That's one band that I've never been into. It's not that I don't appreciate the musicianship, I really do, but I've never "converted," so to speak. Leonard Cohen, however -- I converted about 10 years ago. That was a nice surprise for the extra-credit question!

Joe the Troll said...

Jefe- you could always listen to the Los Lobos version!

Natsthename said...

Oh, yeah, that Los Lobos version is very cool!